Choose Your Fundraising Program

logoglow run

The ultimate GLOW RUN experience!
Your students will be charged-up to participate in this fundraiser. Glow Runs are a perfect option for an evening or indoor-style event and proven to raise some serious cash for your school.

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logo color run

COLOR RUNS are perfect for all age groups! We’ve got all the tools to motiv8 students and celebr8 with a multi-colored event that is certain to tie-dye everyone from head to toe!

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logo fun run

FUN RUNS are one of the best school wide events that put the focus on fitness, staying active and Being the Change for your school. This program will engage your students’ interest in both raising money and celebrating with an energy-filled event!

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Let Us Help Fund Your Cause
Simple, Personalized, Profitable!

Dōn8U is an Innovative Online Fundraising Platform to Solicit Donations Utilizing Modern Technology!
Perfect for Groups such as Bands, Choirs, Athletic Teams, or Any Other Specialty Group!

Why Don8Zone?

Flexibility to Choose

Choose the program that fits your needs! We offer a Glow Run, Color Run, Fun Run, or a simple Online Donation Campaign.

Tools to Maximize Your Campaign

We supply the tools your group needs from start to finish. Our full range of marketing and event materials will make promotion and participation easy

Higher Profit Potential

Our groups earn profits of 50% to 85%, an average of 10% higherthan our competitors.

Part of Your Team

Our “8 Team” will work with your staff to facilitate a successful event.

Inspiring Stories

Motivated our entire school!

“The best part about working with Dōn8Zone was how motivated our staff was to be part of the fundraiser. Dōn8Zone not only excited our students, but our staff was just as eager to raise money for our school!”

Unique and profitable!

“We loved that we were able to accomplish two things at once. We were able to host an awesome experience for our students, and profit some serious money at the same time!” Our families look at this program as an opportunity, and not ‘just another fundraiser’.”

It was a team effort with awesome energy!

“The positive energy that filled our school throughout our Dōn8Zone event was like nothing else. The students were so excited to help make a difference for our school!”