A ColorRun is a Traditional Run with a Fun and Colorful Twist! Participants will be Drenched in Color by the Time they Reach the Finish Line!
Every participant receives a t-shirt and color dust packet.
*$25 Donation Level Minimum.
Want to know more about our Color Dust?
It is safe for kids & the environment. Click here for more info.

Experience the Color Blast!

A ColorRun course is generally set up on the school grounds with a minimum of three color throwing stations. During the race, adult volunteers are throwing the color, while students are awarded their own color packets that are only used during the Color Blast Celebration near the finish line. Bring your students an experience that focuses more on their smiles than their miles!

Time to Celebrate!

Our Color Blast Celebration is the time where the students throw their individual color packs into the air, creating a color cloud that covers participants from head to toe in color. There is nothing better than the COLOR BLAST CELEBRATION!