Looking For A Fundraising Experience Your Students, Parent and Staff Will Get Excited About ?

  • point How about a program that promotes fitness?
  • point A fundraiser that yields high profits!
  • point An experience that builds community!
  • point Just looking for a change?

Dōn8Zone is the Answer!

Flexibility to CHOOSE:

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We will bring fun, energy, and plenty of smiles with an experience your students will never forget. Dōn8Zone has a program to fit your group’s needs!

Tools to Maximize Your Campaign

Innovative Donation Platform

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Dōn8Zone will create a fundraising support website that can be customized for your school.  Manage your campaign, edit your site, and share your group’s fundraiser with ease to create more profit!

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Participants and their families are encouraged to register online and create their custom Participant Support Page!  After they register, they can easily send a link to family and friends across the country to maximize their donations!

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As the chair of any Dōn8Zone event, you will receive a daily email update bringing you the current status of your donations with various statistics and achievements. A proven tool to make your fundraiser a success!

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One of the key components of Dōn8Zone’s technology is the easy-to-use Campaign Management Software.  As the leader of the Dōn8Zone event, you will have access to these tools where you can manage all of the donations, check student pledges, access seller reports, teacher lists, and more!

Providing your School the HIGHEST Profits

Our goal is to make this your most successful fundraising event of the year.  How does Dōn8Zone define success?

  • Superior staff, student and family involvement.
  • School spirit building experience
  • Memory filled event
  • Most profit back to your school

There’s no grey area with Dōn8Zone… our schools keep up to 77% profit! Yeah, you read that right!

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Your Event
Your Experience

With Dōn8Zone you choose the event that fits your school’s needs. Give your families a memory filled experience.

Team Up

Collabor8 with our “8 Team” to keep it simple and successful.

The Bank

We supply the tools your group will need from start to finish. Our full range of marketing materials and event materials will make your event a profitable success. promotion and participation easy

Rewards that Motiv8v

Our groups earn profits of 50% to 85%, an average of 10% higher than our competitors.